True Alliance Financial offers a co-branding strategy to help your business to create a marketing synergy. This helps your customer to know your core competencies and have more knowledge of your brand.

True Alliance Financial offers co-branding which is also called a brand partnership, it is when two companies form an alliance to work together and create a marketing synergy. Co-branding is an arrangement that associates a single product or service with more than one brand name, or otherwise associates a product with someone other than the principal producer. The objective for this is to combine the strength of two brands, in order to increase the premium consumers are willing to pay, make the product or service more resistant to copying by private label manufacturers, or to combine the different perceived properties associated with these brands with a single product. We at True Alliance offer this benefit because we know it is hard to sell products and services without a strong hold in the business world.

With co-branding using multiple brand names together on a single product or service is used as a strength so that loyal customers of each brand will buy from one another. The term can also refer to the display of multiple brand names or corporate logos on a single Web site so that people who visit the site see it as a joint enterprise. When effectively done, co-branding provides a way for companies to combine forces so that their marketing efforts work in synergy . Co-branding can also be used to target specific markets with advertising by means of banner ads, logos, or links in descriptive text, maximizing the likelihood that potential buyers will learn of the existence of a particular company, brand, product, or service.



One way to create a stronger brand is through the use of reinforcement. The more often a consumer sees a particular brand the more often he has the opportunity to form particular associations related to it. A brand is meant to communicate meaning and identity; by co-branding multiple products a company can create a deeper impression on the public. A wider range of products can do more to reinforce a particular brand image than just one product.


Co-branding is a way of signaling various forms of information to consumers. From association with another product, a consumer may be able to infer a similar level of quality. The mystique or glamor that one product has gained for itself in the market can be extended to others through the use of a brand. If a single product is associated with multiple brands, that signals the two companies have invested their good names in its success.


A brand has real financial value and represents the money that a company has invested in previous marketing campaigns and advertising. By combining multiple products under a single brand, a company is able to take advantage of its previous investment. When businesses put together separate brands, they hope to also combine the value and investments that those brands represent. When successful, both strategies are a way of maximizing value and saving money.

Why Us?

We can help your business through co-branding and help you get the brand that will best compliment or enhance your products and/or services you offer.  We True Alliance Financial you can be the next Hershey combining with General Mills, which established a sweet relationship with the Chocolate Giant and Betty Crocker, Best Western and Harley-Davidson teamed up and created Best Western Ride Rewards, an exclusive Harley-Davidson frequent guest program; and Apple and Nike brought sports and music together with the Nike+iPod products.   

Partnering with us can make co-branding effective for you. Resulting in establishing credibility, extend the reach and double the company’s marketing budget. These three benefits of co-branding can have a positive and powerful hold over market penetration. Extend Reach happens when there is co-branding in two brands coming together, they automatically are given the opportunity to gain the interest of each other’s market. This, in return, can extend their reach and visibility to a market they may once not have had access to. With the help of co-branding, extending reach can also ultimately increase the chances of generating more sales for each brand. Double Marketing Budget, businesses understand that marketing products can be a costly expenditure. A huge bonus of co-branding is that the costs are split between both parties, thus doubling the marketing budget. This benefit allows for more creative ideas and opportunities to better market a product or service and therefore can potentially result in a greater return on investment.

Each of these benefits can be an outcome of successful co-branding. It gives any business or company the opportunity to increase their market share. To reap these benefits, it is extremely important to choose your partner wisely as you run the risk of damaging your own credibility and reputation. By partnering with True Alliance Financial we can give you a better choice in who to team up with to enhance your business. We always aim to give you the best our company can offer. Come and talk with us today.