True Alliance Financial is all about customer comfort and convenience. We want our partners to feel secure with every transaction without taking so much of their precious time. That being said, True Alliance Financial came up with a hassle-free transaction that does not even require our customers to leave their own home and only takes a few minutes of their time. We are able to accomplish this with the use of e-Signatures and online applications. When your customers apply for a monthly payment plan, True Alliance Financial makes it possible to do so using only their mobile devices or their computers – no need for a personal appearance. To bind the whole transaction, your customers must sign using an electronic signature or also known as, e-signature.

What is an e-Signature?

An e-signature is basically allowing customers to sign their applications using their mobile devices as long as they are connected to the internet. It is a quick and easy way to complete the last stage of the loan applications.

What are the advantages when using e-signatures?

Sign from anywhere!

Your clients can sign from anywhere – in their homes, from work, in the bar, everywhere! Using only their mobile devices or computers. This is ideal for clients who are always on the go or clients who just want to stay at home.


When your clients transact with True Alliance Financial, there is absolutely no printing required when they sign up using our website or app. Use the e-signatures to finalize loan agreements and take pictures of important documents using your mobile device. Your company would also be less dependent on paper, therefore cutting down clutter.

Save time and money

Your company can save a lot just by switching to a paperless transaction. Save on the cost of ink, paper, printer maintenance, shipping costs and whatnot. E-signatures eliminate the hassle of faxing, printing or sending documents. Also, your company will surely save a lot of time from filing countless documents, searching for lost documents, or rekeying data.

Track your progress

This goes to both the company and the client. Using digital software with the transactions, it makes it easier to track your documents in your dashboard.

Be secure

No matter how many benefits you get from e-signatures, your clients still would not budge if they doubt on the security. Fortunately, True Alliance Financial provides you with both benefits and security. Rest assured that we safeguard your client’s documents with a high level of document security and advanced electronic signature software. Each end every document is protected with a seal and equipped with a highly detailed log of events of the document’s lifecycle.

What better way to close the deal than True Alliance Financial’s e-signatures and digital software? Saves you the time and effort plus, giving you comfort and ultimate customer satisfaction.