True Alliance Financial is focused mainly on consumer financing, which also includes automotive financing. Basically, we also work with car dealerships so they can offer their customers financing for automotive purchases. Hence, our company assists clients in finding retail installment contracts from reliable auto dealers, thus, making an avenue where both consumer and car dealers meet through our financing programs. Inasmuch as financing is concerned, we work to provide options for borrowers who come short of the demands in acquiring traditional financing due to common pitfalls affected by low income, negative credit record and also credit and banking issues.

With our fast progressing climb to success, we also give credit to customer satisfaction hence, we give back by helping out certainly brought issues with regard to auto financing. Also, we provide a comprehensive range of high-quality products in this case cars. However, despite the financial advances these programs give us, we also want to make sure that consumers are aware of the programs they are about to sign into. Hence, we set appointments and seminars to educate our clients as to what we have in store for them. Here are a few things to understand before signing up for an automotive/vehicle financing program.

Finance options

There are two common lending options for automotive acquisition direct finance and dealership financing. First, direct lending is granted by banks, finance company and credit unions. Considering the financial ability of the customer, there will be an established contract stating the payment period, the full loan amount to be released and the financing charges thereof. Yet, there are also advantages as to which the buyer is free to look around and compare the pricing of every car dealer. Also, the buyer is informed about the credit terms before the actual purchase of the vehicle.

In contrast, dealership financing is provided by the car dealer and the contract states the period covered for paying and also the financed amount which is the price of the vehicle and the finance charges, it also states the policy of the dealership. Instead of plainly keeping the contract in hand, car dealers are more likely to sell it to credit unions, finance companies or a bank which in turn will function as assignees/collectors of the payment for the financing. There are more advances with sticking into dealership finance for vehicles since they (the dealer) have longer office hours and functions relatively different compared to banks. Thus, there is convenience, whereas there wouldn’t be chasing schedules for payments; unlimited financing options, since there are a number of banks the car dealers are partnered or related to; and special programs and rebates they offer, oftentimes discounts are given out to patrons and customers who are with good credit standing in their dealership programs.

Above all these, always remember that your utmost convenience is our concern. Thus, consider shopping ahead for the prices and the benefits of automotive financing before tying up with a contract. Also, take the time to check the rules and guidelines in line with the law to know your rights and responsibilities accompanied by the purchase you are to make. Also, feel free to call us and our customer service representative will help you out with all your queries regarding automotive financing and the unlimited possibilities we have in store for you.