Retail Stores

True Alliance Financial offers a range of dynamic financial solutions for consumers and business owners in the region. Also, our company seeks to gain partnerships with dealers and help out business capitalize on coping up with the fast growth opportunities in the market. Hence, obtaining financial success of our clients is our only goal and we always envision our customers and partners at the peak of the business trend. In addition, we focus not just on consumer financing but provide quality financial solutions for our customers be it seasoned business owners or starters.

As for starters and seasoned retail business owners, we offer merchant cash advances charged against the future debit and credit sales of the business. This is dependent on the overall income capacity of the business and its possible turns and expansions. Hence, we help you finance your business while you dedicate more attention to improving the current status of your sales in the market.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Yet, the retail cash advance is not a loan and is greatly dependent on the flow of the trade, which automatically adjusts whenever there is a sudden shift of the exchange as to not cause worry for the client/ customer. Moreover, the retail cash could be used for various expenses and in any circumstance the store may demand. For example, promotional ads and campaigns, hiring additional staff for operations, equipment purchases etc.

There will be no need for customers to fuss with the financing needs of their trade after signing up with our programs, thus; there will be more time to focus on the development of a new product line or reinforcing the services offered therein. Also, there will be more time to attend to other needs of the trade such as; inventory checking for stock volume, more time for advertising and promotions of the product line of the customers’ business, reinforce or update the finances and check the overall management of expenses made within the business and also more time to dedicate whether to expand or renovate the business and its appearance.

For starters, in the retail business, it is essential to have at least the basic knowledge to keep track with the business and the investment made. Therefore, as our clients, we impart the crucial points for maintaining competitive business.

Here are financial indicators of the growing business – 4 R’s of retail investment namely;

  • ROR-Return on Revenues,
  • Return on Invested Capital,
  • Return on Total Assets,
  • Return on Capital Employed.

These key factors, when incorporated with other financial metrics, could give the current status and to acknowledge the trend whether the business is going strong. These points are also important for managing the ROI (Return on Investment) of the business. In particular, it is very important to know where your business is standing and acknowledge the needs of the business, hence, recognize the sum to be used for the financing application.

There are unlimited possibilities in store for each unique business and we are here to help realize the full potential of your trade. Planning for an expansion? Feel free to call us and talk to our dedicated customer helpline and set an appointment with our financial advisors. Who knows? This might be the start of something great.