Credit Tier

True Alliance Financial and our commitment to excellence in consumer finance have led us to strive harder and to cater all possible demands at hand. We also push to be one step ahead of the competitors in the industry by going over more than what is expected with consumer financing. Hence, we offer not just traditional loans but also take into considering the present credit tier of the client. These credit tiers are set at standard levels as for each corresponding savings or checking account on the part of the client.

Also, there are certain standards as to which the client will know their standing credit tier and the specific loan offers and benefits they may avail with each tier rate. For instance, our credit tiers are offered in three rates, such as;

Tier 1

Prime Tier accounts are held by clients with excellent credit line standing over 740+ score, also referred as clients with excellent repayment standing. We give out access to super low interest priced loan offers with 100% approval rating and no risk discount charges for each loan application.

Tier 2

Sub Prime Tier accounts owned by clients with good credit line standing scoring 680-739. Our company still gives out 100% approval for applicants falling into this tiered rate, recognizing the credit record they maintained. Although, loan offers are not in the best price compared to prime accounts, in this tier we still consider their creditworthy standing with good repayment record.

Tier 3

Standard Credit Tier customers, however, are those accounts with 620-679 credit score standing. Competitive priced loan offers are available and offered in this tier same goes for promotional discount programs. Yet, the interest rate applied on this tier is still low compared to offers given to accounts unable to qualify for standard credit tier scores.

There are actually five credit score tiers used in the industry to determine whether a customer is qualified for a loan and the corresponding interest rate to be paid. However, it is best for customers to land on the credit tiers mentioned above to avail of the special offers we have in store. For clients who qualified with the top 3 credit tiers which are in the category [A] creditworthy rating as prescribed by financial experts. Moreover, these accounts and clients are deemed to have a greater capacity to meet financial commitments with minimal to none delays.

Thus, the higher the credit tier an account has qualified, the lower the interest charge is required. Same goes for the risk discount deducted on the principal amount of the loan availed wherein there is lower to no risk discount charged on accounts falling into high credit worthy standing. Hence, accounts that come short with the credit standards are deemed to have higher interest rate and risk discount charges are implemented with transactions.

In addition, the accounts which fall under lower categories [B, C, and D] are given competitive and are at often times treated as high-risk loan account applications. However, our company still caters to these accounts in our high-risk loan offers. You may check on the other programs we have in store for both consumers and business owners seeking for financial leverage and solutions.