High-Risk Approval

True Alliance Financial is committed to excellence, hence, we aim to provide the best financial solutions with convenience for all our clients. Banking standards have greatly evolved over time which has made inconvenience to individuals who fall short of the qualifications they require in approving loans. In response to the greater demands giving enough notice to the recent trend, we offer high-risk loans with fast approval for immediate concerns on the part of the borrower’s. In addition, we offer minimum interest rates with fast and secure transactions as with no service fee required.

Personal loans may be utilized in many forms (e.g. home improvements, bills and car repairs etc.) there are endless possibilities for the borrower. Moreover, our company demands easy qualification and affordable terms for borrowers. Also, we have lessened the burden on clients as to have speedy application and transaction processes with fixed terms, allowing them to repay at a specified period and include the payment with their scheduled budget.

Aside from providing loans for our prime and subprime clients, our company is also rooting for individuals and business owners alike with negative credit. Also, we allow clients given with negative credit standing to be granted with loan apt for their need yet, with corresponding details which our lending officer will confirm during the transaction period.

Here are some of the things we take into consideration for borrowers to check before applying for a high-risk loan:

  • Borrower's financial ability to pay – while regular loans are set to not add up much into the monthly payments of the client, personal loans may take up to the overall monthly income of the borrower. Thus, there is a higher percentage of individuals to avail in line with the income qualifications of the client.
  • Loan security/collateral – this is common on all other loans. While our company has our own appraiser for the subjected collateral, it would still be better to have your property (e.g. car title) appraised ahead of time before vying for a loan.
  • Credit history – although we offer high-risk loan approval our company would still request client’s repayment history to check the severity of the negative credit line. Borrowers with good credit line are most likely to be prioritized over clients with negative credit records. In addition, we still cater for starters in the industry who have no credit history at all.
  • Third-party guarantee – while we look into the borrower credit history, we also demand the guarantors to submit credit history to qualify for the 3rd-party guarantee for the loan. However, the guarantee credit history greatly affects the approval of the lender.

Furthermore, our transaction process comes in very convenient for the borrower as long as all the requirements are met. Hence, the funds granted for the high-risk personal loans are readily accessible right after the approval. Thus, with True Alliance Financial we help you grow your finances even when you are turned down by your bank. Feel free to call us for more information, our customer helpline is open for all your inquiries regarding consumer finance and we will help you arrive with a loan offer that suits best with your needs.