How It Works?

Getting paid has never been this simple. With the use of your computer or mobile device, you can obtain fast and easy loan applications.

Create an application with two easy steps:
  • To submit an application with your customer, enter basic personal information and purchase details.
  • Email the loan application to your customer so they can complete the application at their convenience.

Create and complete the loan application anywhere and anytime with your computer or mobile device.

Get credit results in an instant.

After filling in your application, your credit check will be completed within seconds. True Alliance Financial works with multiple partners that give you instant credit results for your customer.

Get your customer approved using E-signatures.

To complete the application, the next step is to electronically submit documentation and signatures. E-signatures provide a paperless and a hassle-free application process.

Get paid faster.

As soon as the loan is funded, our team will hit you up with an email. You get to be paid faster, plus a direct deposit into your account.

Tools We Use:

Track Application

Take a look at the process of your loan application and whether any action is required.

Have an access to detailed monthly reports.

Generate monthly reports that include information about your applications including its dollar amounts.