Similar to our personal and regular loans, our financial promotions and home loan offers could also be used for other legal purposes. Yet, these offers come in super low pricing and to be used for a limited period. In fact, these offers are almost as efficient as bank offers. These are yet to be the best loan offers formulated to fit immediate uses with special pricing available for a limited time only.

Discounts & Offers

We present an exclusive special discount offer for our individual and business owner clients, namely;

Special car offers
a more affordable counterpart for automotive loans and car retail business owners. They can offer this to their customers as a means of introducing new models and series yet this is subject to the availability of in stock models.
Limited Home loan offers

applicable for home equity loan offers and could also be used for home improvement and renovations. Moreover, the home loan offers are often offered to contractors and suppliers offering the discount for hardware products and services. However, home loan offers are also flexible as it may serve for different purposes.

Personal loan offers

This allows our clients to loan fixed amount and repay it according to their availability and capacity yet, offered at a very low price for qualified customers.

Other finance offers

With regards to the season and the celebration, we also offer limited time offer financial services. For example, holiday offers, celebration discount offers, and promotional finance offers are given time after time for customers who get to qualify for the promo.

Finance Specials

These promotions are offered mostly by our industry partners who offer special products which are also part of introducing a new product line and product series package promos. Yet, these are still dependent on the availability of the products on the location. However, there are rare instances wherein finance special offers are also available for customers with a negative credit line.

NOTE : These special discount offers are subject to change over time and are only available within the region.


The advantage of having a special finance offer allows our business partners to have a definite schedule and predictability. Thus, having a specified payment stream demonstrates your business knows its possible expense costs during the financial period. Regarding this, your accountants and finance officers in the business will be prepared ahead of time for possible expenditures and charges. Also, offering one-time special finance programs, benefits the overall cash flow of the business.

Here are additional details you should know before availing of our special offers:

  • The client should be of legal age, at least 18 or 19 years old depending on the province of residence.
  • Should be a Canadian citizen or the least a Canadian resident.
  • Prepare personal details and income profile [indicate gross annual income (pre-taxed)].
  • Consent for credit history compliance inspection.
  • Co-signer/co-applicant should also complete the requirements for joint account loan application.
  • Most important is for the client to digest what the customer consent and other documents involved including the loan policy and the coverage of the special loan offer.

Furthermore, there are also exemptions for these promotions hence it is best to go understand the promotion offers before signing up for any. In any case, please keep posted for the special financial offers we release every now and then or you may contact us and learn more about our finance specials.