Why Do Businesses Need to Offer Financing?

Increase in Average Sales Volume

Businesses need to offer financing in order to increase their sales. Offering accessible monthly plans enable your customers to buy more and increase their regular order size by up to 20%

Grow and Expand Your Business

Stay Ahead

With True Alliance Financial, your business would not just stay in the game but also take the lead and stay ahead of the competition. Getting creative in promoting your monthly plans can help your business stand out in the market.

Fits Your Budget

Increase the affordability of your products or services by crafting a monthly payment that fits your customer’s budget needs. In doing so, you increase the sales of your business.

More Affordable

True Alliance Financial’s monthly payment programs also increase transaction sizes. Expensive items would seem more affordable to your customers therefore, increasing average purchase value.

Easy Monthly Payments

Get your customer’s loan approved and leave the rest to us. We will handle and collect all the monthly payments directly from your customers while you get paid upfront. The money is deposited directly to your bank account once it is paid.

Why choose True Alliance Financial?

True Alliance Financial gives you everything you need and more to start offering your customers an impressive financing option. Our company’s standard program is free to use and your business gets to save the much-needed money by avoiding expensive merchant processing fees.

Our company has outstanding features that other companies do not have.

  • No merchant fees
  • Paperless Application
  • Welcome Kits
  • Promotional Programs
  • Free Standard Programs
  • E-signatures
  • Apply using your mobile device or computer
  • Lower rates than other credit cards
  • Next day funding
  • Credit application on your website